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How You Can Help with the Online Discographical Project

Basically, there are two ways:

1:  Send updated discographical informaiton
2:  Help financially

Help Discographically

Please, if you have data that is missing, or if you find an error, please let me know by sending me an email with the record label(s) that need correcting.  (Please don't use "Hi" or "Get your V*agra cheap!" as a subject heading, I'll trash it). 

DO SEND:  Missing or erroneous data from labels and series I have listed.    Also any data for record pressed by Leeds & Catlin or the International Record Company.  These records interest me immensely and are little researched. 

DO SEND:  Any reasonably complete discographical listing you'd like to see on this web page. Right now I'm concentrating on numerical listings of record companies, but I'd be happy to branch out. 

DO SEND: Data on labels not appearing as part of the project. Keep in mind these will become part of the "Leftovers" file I keep, and it could be a long time before it sees the light of day on the Project website. (For more on this "Leftovers" file, please see below.) But you never know, it might be the tipping point, to where I post the given label.

DON'T SEND:  Confirmation that the data listed is correct.  Most of it should be, that's why I'm listing it.  Of course there will be some errors, see above.

Help Financially

The Online Discographical Project is a FREE RESOURCE.  It always will be.  

There is absolutely no obligation to support these pages with your hard earned cash.  One of the reasons I started the project is that discographical publications tend to be prohibitively expensive.  Not that I've ever heard of any discographer actually making money, far from it.  People such as Brian Rust and Ross Laird and Allan Sutton have my deepest respect (not to mention undying gratitude), and the pittance they receive for the incredibly low press runs does not begin to cover their expenses if their time is factored in.  Nevertheless acquiring a discographical reference library is financially draining.  So enjoy this site free on me!  Nevertheless, the Project will never contain the depth of information found in works by the noted authors and others who have conducted scholarly research, so anyone doing serious research should find a way to acquire their works.

However, there are several reasons to support this page financially 

1.  I'd like to move these pages to my own URL, and consolodate the pages onto one single server.  Fateback.com has been wonderful, and are to be commended for their free service with the least intrusive ads available.  But I'd like a faster service that I ultimately have more control over. 

2.  Adding features.  I'd like to add audio clips to the listings.  I'd like to add label scans to the listings.  More bandwidth would be required. 

3.  Recognition of the time I spend on this.  Answering emails, (too slowly, I know.)  Doing research.  Coding the HTML.  It all takes time.  I don't mind doing it, but perhaps you could help convince my wife that it's all worthwhile! 

4.  Feel free to think of your own reason! 

Again, there is no obligation to donate, nothing is required. If you are so kind as to make a donation, there is no minimum. On the other hand, there is no maximum. If you wish to donate, please send what you feel is appropriate, and certainly not more than you can afford! All donations truly and gratefully are appreciated.
1.  Send me an email requesting my snailmail address
2.  Send a donation using Paypal:

My Carrot on a Stick: The Leftovers Excel™ file

I keep a "Leftovers" file with all the 78rpm data that doesn't appear on the Project itself. As of January 2008, it contains over 7 megabytes of data. How do you wrest this from my grubby little hands? Funny you should ask. The first thing you need to do is specifically request the file, with the understanding it is in Microsoft Excel™ format, compatible with Excel 95 or newer versions. Attach your request with one or more of the following

1: A suggested donation of $10.00 if you want the file sent as an email attachment, or $15.00 if to be sent on a CD-ROM via worldwide mail. See above for instructions.


2: Any correction or update to the Project itself, or to the Leftovers file, of any size. (Sorry, please add $5.00 for worldwide postage if CD-ROM is requested)

Keep in mind, I add to this Leftovers file almost every day, so your copy is probably out of date, heh heh.

Last Updated on January 22, 2007
By Tyrone Settlemier
Email: discography@sbcglobal.net
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