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Leeds & Catlin cylinders 2000 - 9999

Label: Artist: Tune: MX: Date: Comp:
2000 band American Guard     Broske
2001 band American Republic     Thile
2002 band The Ameer - March     V. Herbert
2003 band After the Battle of Gettysburg      
2004 band The American Belle     Hall
2006 band American Cadets - March      
2007 band The Ace of Spades - Characteristic March     J. T. Brymm
2008 band Alabama Blossoms (Two-Step)     Van Barr
2009 band An African Two Step, On the Levee     Hall
2010 band Blue and Gray (Introducing the Sousa Girl)     Chattaway
2014 band Charge of the Light Brigade     Koppitz
2015 band Charge of the Battalion     Hall
2018 band Comedy King      
2019 band Court of Honor     Wanamacker
2020 band Crusader     Sousa
2021 band Clipper March      
2023 band Cotton Blossoms     Hall
2024 band Dixie Queen March     E. Brooks
2025 band The Dare Devil     Arnold
2026 band Darkie's Rendezvous      
2027 band From Battle to Victory      
2032 band Gladiator March      
2033 band Hamiltonian     Hall
2034 band High Life - March     Pleninger
2035 band Hipp, Hipp, Hurrah - March      
2037 band Hands Across the Sea - March      
2038 band Hapsburg - March      
2039 band The Iron King - March     F. St. Claire
2043 band The Men of Harlock      
2044 band Man Behind the Gun      
2045 band My Jersey Lily      
2046 band My Tiger Lily      
2047 band Manisot - March      
2049 band Loyal Legion - March      
2049 band Manhattan Beach - March      
2050 band Lazy Bill - March      
2053 band Overland Quickstep      
2054 band Occidental - March      
2055 band Our Valiant Boys - March      
2056 band Our Favorite Regiment      
2057 band Palatinus March      
2060 band Picador March      
2061 band Royal Italian March      
2063 band Red Hussars March      
2065 band Second Regiment March      
2066 band Scorcher March      
2067 band Storm and Sunshine March      
2069 band Sound Off     Sousa
2071 band True to the Flag March      
2072 band Tannhauser March      
2075 band Under the Double Eagle      
2078 band Washington Grays March      
2080 band Whistling Rufus      
2081 band Ye Ancients      
2083 band Bronze Horse - Overture -   Auber
2084 band Fra Diavolo - Overture -   Auber
2086 band Merry Wives of Windsor - Overture -   Nicoloi
2087 band Night in Grenada - Overture -   Kreutzer
2088 band Oberon - Overture -   Weber
2089 band Raymond - Overture -   A. Thomas
2090 band Semiramide - Overture -   Rossini
2093 band Broadway to Tokio     Sloane
2095 band Ballet Girl - The Entre Act     Bendix
2096 band Don Carlos     Verdi
2097 band Down the Mississippi     Puerner
2098 band Frolic of the Goblins     O'Neill
2099 band Fra Diavolo     Auber
2101 band Il Polinto     Donizetti
2102 band Killarney     Balfe
2103 band La Czarine, Mazurka     Gaune
2104 band Merry War     Strauss
2105 band Rigoletto     Verdi
2106 band Robin Hood     De Koven
2106 band Robin Hood March      
2107 band Serenade     Schubert
2108 band Traviata     Verdi
2109 band The Viceroy     V. Herbert
2113 band Idealistic - March     Fred E. Voss
2115 band Hearts and Flowers     Tobani
2118 band La Dame Blanche - Overture -   Bouldieu
2119 band Tambour de Garde - Overture -   Titt
2120 band Centennial March      
2121 band The Favorite - March      
2124 band Wandering Bards March      
2125 band King of the Turf - March      
2126 band Arcadian - March      
2127 band Remus on Broadway      
2129 band Equitable March      
2130 band Aida - March     Verdi
2132 band Coronation March      
2134 band Attila     Verdi
2136 band Fantinitza     Suppe
2138 band Jolly Fellows - Waltz      
2141 band La Belle Creole (Tropical Dance)      
2142 band The Lost Chord     Sullivan
2143 band La Marsellaise     De L'Isle
2144 band Magic Flute - Overture -   Mozart
2145 band Morning, Noon and Night - Overture -    
2146 band Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah     Handel
2147 band Mignon     Thomas
2148 band Battery B. - March      
2149 band Festival March      
2151 band Zampa - Overture     Harold
2152 band A Little Bit off the Top - March     E. Ascher
2153 band Kimono - Gavotte      
2156 band Dueppler Schansen      
2158 band Flag of Victory March      
2160 band Inauguration - March      
2161 band The American League - March      
2162 band Kayuga - March      
2163 band Singing Girl March      
2164 band The Fox Hunters      
2165 band Pet of the Trombone      
2166 band King Carnival - March      
2167 band Impecunious Davis      
2169 band National Guard - March      
2170 band Major Kemp's March      
2171 band King Humbert - March      
2172 band From Tropic to Tropic      
2174 band Torchlight Dance     Meyerbeer
2175 band The Charge Up San Juan Hill      
2176 band German Medley      
2177 band Old Church Organ      
2178 band Pique Dame      
2179 band Avalanche - March      
2180 band New America - March      
2181 band Bascobel      
2184 band Ideal - March      
2185 band Eyes Right March      
2186 band Front Section March      
2187 band Calif of Bagdad - Overture -    
2188 band Sing Me a Song of the South      
2188 band Sing Me a Song of the South      
2189 band Beggar Student      
2190 band Hunt for Happiness      
2191 band The Headlights - Overture -    
2192 band American Patrol      
2193 band Falka      
2194 band Champion - Overture -    
2195 band Jolly Fellows - Overture -    
2196 band Dandy March      
2197 band In a Village Tavern      
2197 band In a Village Tavern (Song and Dance)     Lautner
2198 band Cavalleria Rusticana     Mascagni
2199 band Italian Riflemen - March      
2200 band Enquiror Club March      
2202 band El Paso - Waltz      
2203 band When Ruben Comes to Town      
2205 band Inflammatus      
2207 band Battleship Oregon March      
2208 band Hussars March      
2210 band Belle of the Boulevard - March      
2211 band Zenda - Waltz      
2212 band Second Company March      
2213 band Fiddle de Dee      
2214 band Fall Festival March      
2215 band Loraine - March      
2216 band Ma Hannah Lady      
2217 band Russe March      
2218 band I'd Leave My Happy Home for You      
2219 band Stabat Mater     Rossini
2220 band Regatta March      
2221 band Coon Band Contest      
2222 band Monks of Malabar - March      
2223 band Regimental Quickstep      
2224 band Victorious America March      
2225 band American Eagle - March      
2226 band Coon, Coon      
2227 band Hurrah, Boys - March      
2228 band Gilmore's Triumphal      
2229 band Go 'Way Back and Sit Down      
2230 band A Frangesa      
2231 band Creole Belles      
2232 band Invincible Eagle - March      
2233 band Mr. Volunteer - March      
2234 band Prince Charming March      
2235 band We'll Never Haul the Old Flag Down      
2236 band Hello, Central, Give Me Heaven      
2237 band International Vaudeville      
2238 band Burr's Triumphal      
2239 band Belford's Carnival      
2240 band Warm Gravy      
2241 band Finnegan's Hornpipe      
2242 band Flower Song      
2243 band Seventh Regiment March      
2244 band To Action - March      
2245 band Aria from Falstaff      
2246 band Majestic - March      
2247 band King Edward VII - March      
2248 band North and South - March      
2249 band Cavalry March      
2250 band In the Shade of the Palms      
2251 band Mack's Popular Melodies      
2252 band He Laid Away a Suit of Gray      
2253 band Mill's Merry Melodies      
2254 band Revelation March      
2255 band Wedding of the Reuben and the Maid      
2256 band Across the Continent - March      
2257 band La Cinquaintaine      
2258 band Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Florodora)      
2259 band Sam Johnson's Band      
2260 band The Matinee Girl - March      
2261 band The Knight Templars - March      
2262 band Grasshopper's Wooing      
2263 band Fiddling Silas      
2264 band Romeo and Juliet Minuet      
2265 band Fairy Dance      
2266 band Omar      
2267 band The Crack of the Whip      
2268 band Spanish Serenade      
2269 band The Merry Mandarin      
2270 band Pilgrims' Chorus from Tannhauser     Wagner
2271 band Selection from Tannhauser      
2272 band Thalia - Mazurka      
2272 band Concert Mazurka (from "Thalia")      
2273 band The Govenor's Son      
2274 band Fellow Craft      
2275 band Hungarian National Dance      
2276 band Heart and Hand      
2277 band Who'a Bill      
2278 band Salome - Intermezzo      
2280 band The Tale of the Bumble Bee      
2281 band The Daughter of the Air      
2282 band Asleep in the Deep      
2283 band Maritana - Fantasia      
2285 band Brace Up      
2286 band Rosalind Waltz      
2287 band Outpost - March      
2288 band Anthony and Cleopatra      
2290 band Signal from Mars      
2290 band The Three Guardsmen      
2291 band Eclipse March      
2292 Victor Herbert's Full Concert Band Cruiser Harvard      
2293 band Belle of the Season      
2293 band Govenor Woodruff March      
2293 Victor Herbert's Full Concert Band Belle of the Season      
2294 band King Carl - March      
2294 band United States Artillery March      
2295 band Hunter's Call - March      
2296 band King's Grenadiers - March      
2297 band Love is King - March      
3500 Edward M. Favor What Do You Think of Hoolihan      
3501 Edward M. Favor Near It. 1st and 2nd Verse      
3502 Edward M. Favor Near It. 3rd and 4th Verse      
3503 Edward M. Favor Near It. 5th and 6th Verse      
3504 Edward M. Favor I Need the Money      
3505 Edward M. Favor It's Up to Me      
3506 Edward M. Favor Gabie      
3507 Edward M. Favor Why Do You Love Me?      
3508 Edward M. Favor Rosy Rosinsky      
3509 Edward M. Favor Ain't Dat a Shame?      
3510 Edward M. Favor Are You a Buffalo?      
3511 Edward M. Favor The Mick that Sent the Pick      
3512 Edward M. Favor Simple Little Sister Mary Green      
3513 Edward M. Favor Holding Hands      
3514 Edward M. Favor When the Band Begins to Play      
3515 Edward M. Favor Mamie      
3516 Edward M. Favor Pom-tiddley Om-Pam      
3517 Edward M. Favor Where Have I Seen That Face?      
3518 Edward M. Favor Good Bye, Dolly Gray      
3519 Edward M. Favor Tommy Was a Bad, Bad Boy      
3520 Edward M. Favor When Ruben Comes to Town      
3521 Edward M. Favor All I Want Is My Black Baby Back      
3522 Edward M. Favor Rip Van Winkle Was a Lucky Man      
3523 Edward M. Favor Moon, Moon (Toreador)      
3524 Edward M. Favor My Baby's Kiss      
3525 Edward M. Favor Has Anybody Seen Our Cat (Messenger Boy)      
3526 Edward M. Favor He Ought to Have a Tablet in the Hall of Fame (Toreador)      
3527 Edward M. Favor Sweet Saturday Night      
3528 Edward M. Favor On a Sunday Afternoon      
3529 Edward M. Favor I'm a Philosopher      
3530 Edward M. Favor It Suddenly Dawned Upon Me      
3531 Edward M. Favor I Don't Like the Irish      
3532 Edward M. Favor Alphonse and Gaston      
3533 Edward M. Favor Enjoy Yourselves      
3534 Edward M. Favor You Couldn't Hardly Notice It at All      
3535 Edward M. Favor You'se Just a Little Nigger, Still You'se Mine, all Mine      
3536 Edward M. Favor Doing His Duty-ooty-ooty      
3537 Edward M. Favor The Duty of a Wife      
3538 Edward M. Favor Mrs. Carter      
3539 Edward M. Favor Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?      
3540 Edward M. Favor That's the Kind      
3541 Edward M. Favor Say You Love Me, Sue      
3542 Edward M. Favor My Honey Lou      
3543 Edward M. Favor I Got Married This Morning      
3544 Edward M. Favor Arrah Go On      
3545 Edward M. Favor Louisiana Lou      
3546 Edward M. Favor I'm Tired      
3547 Edward M. Favor My Old Kentucky Home      
5000 George Gaskin Why Did I Leave My Little Back Room      
5001 George Gaskin My Moonbeam Babe      
5002 George Gaskin The Singer and the Song      
5003 George Gaskin Tell Me      
5004 George Gaskin The Songs the Boys are Sining in the Camp Tonight      
5005 George Gaskin Oo Lee Long      
5006 George Gaskin Tell Me, Do You Love Me as of Old?      
5007 George Gaskin My Sweet Maid      
5008 George Gaskin For Love Alone      
5009 George Gaskin Vaudeville Sketch      
5010 George Gaskin You'll Be With Me All the While      
5011 George Gaskin My Sunbeam from the South      
5012 George Gaskin Ben Bolt      
5013 George Gaskin Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder     -
5014 George Gaskin My Pretty Southern Girl      
5015 George Gaskin I Wonder If She's Waiting      
5016 George Gaskin The Hymn You Loved the Best      
5017 George Gaskin Bethlehem      
5018 George Gaskin Pat and His Pipes      
5019 George Gaskin A Pipe Dream      
5020 George Gaskin The Black Huzzars      
5021 George Gaskin For Freedom and Ireland      
5022 George Gaskin A Private in the Ranks      
5023 George Gaskin My Alabama Sue      
5024 George Gaskin Good Old New York Town      
5025 George Gaskin An Innocent Young Maid      
5026 George Gaskin El Miserere      
5027 George Gaskin Annie Laurie      
5027 Edward M. Favor (with piano) Annie Laurie      
5028 George Gaskin The Holy City      
5029 George Gaskin It Don't Seem Like the Same Old Smile      
5030 George Gaskin My Lady Fair      
5031 George Gaskin Killarney      
5032 George Gaskin Swing Song      
5033 George Gaskin Irish Serenade      
5034 George Gaskin When They Played God Save the King      
5035 George Gaskin Little Liza Lou      
5036 George Gaskin Good Bye Dolly Gray      
5037 George Gaskin The Flag that Never Knew Defeat      
5038 George Gaskin She's All We Have Today      
5039 George Gaskin I've a Longing in My Heart for You, Louise      
5040 George Gaskin My Southern Queen      
5041 George Gaskin When the Band Played Home Sweet Home      
5042 George Gaskin Grandmother's Song      
5043 George Gaskin Breakers Ahead      
5044 George Gaskin Petals of the Plum Tree      
5045 George Gaskin For Old Times' Sake      
5046 George Gaskin The Best in the House in None Too Good for Riley      
5047 George Gaskin Alabama Coon      
5048 George Gaskin Trumpet in de Cornfield      
5049 George Gaskin Arkansas      
5050 George Gaskin Miner's Dream of Home      
5051 George Gaskin I'se Gwine Back to Dixie      
5052 George Gaskin Love's Old Sweet Song      
5053 George Gaskin Answer      
5054 George Gaskin When the Leaves Begin to Turn      
5055 George Gaskin My Old Kentucky Home      
5056 George Gaskin Auld Lang Syne      
5058 George Gaskin Jamie, Dear      
5059 George Gaskin Hello, Central, Give Me Heaven      
5060 George Gaskin Mamie      
5061 George Gaskin Carry Me Back to Old Virginia      
5062 George Gaskin Coming Thro' the Rye      
5063 George Gaskin The Cobbler      
5064 George Gaskin Mack's Serenade      
5065 George Gaskin Leonora      
5066 George Gaskin My Old Dutch      
5067 George Gaskin My Tiger Lily      
5068 George Gaskin Sweet Annie Moore      
5069 George Gaskin The Future Mrs. Awkins      
5070 George Gaskin Knocked 'Em in the Old Kent Road      
5071 George Gaskin My Beautiful Irish Maid      
5072 George Gaskin The Harp that Once Thro' Tara's Halls      
5073 George Gaskin Come Back to Erin      
5074 George Gaskin My Lady Lou      
5075 George Gaskin Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms      
5076 George Gaskin Last Rose of Summer      
5077 George Gaskin Molly, O      
5078 George Gaskin Minstrel Boy      
5079 George Gaskin The Old Folks at Home      
5080 George Gaskin Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill      
5081 George Gaskin Kathleen Mavourneen      
5500 Natus Day by Day      
5509 Natus My Wild Irish Rose      
6000 Vess Ossman The Colored Major      
6001 Vess Ossman Tell Me Pretty Maiden      
6002 Vess Ossman Smoky Mokes      
6003 Vess Ossman A Coon Band Contest      
6004 Vess Ossman The Mosquito Parade      
6005 Vess Ossman Mazurka      
6006 Vess Ossman Salome      
6007 Vess Ossman Peace Forever      
6008 Vess Ossman Rusty Rags      
6009 Vess Ossman Narcissus      
6010 Vess Ossman Hunky Dory      
6011 Vess Ossman Pretty Queen      
6012 Vess Ossman In Gayest Dark Town      
6013 Vess Ossman Selection from San Toy      
6014 Vess Ossman Nigger in a Fit      
6015 Vess Ossman Jolly Darkies      
6016 Vess Ossman Darkie's Dream      
6017 Vess Ossman Up the Street March      
6018 Vess Ossman Hands Across the Sea March      
6019 Vess Ossman March from "The Ameer"      
6020 Vess Ossman Ethiopian Mardi Gras      
6021 Vess Ossman A Warm Reception      
6022 Vess Ossman My Blushing Rosie medley      
6023 Vess Ossman In the Barracks      
6024 Vess Ossman Sa Yo Two Step      
6025 Vess Ossman Zamona      
6026 Vess Ossman Dance California      
6027 Vess Ossman Yankee Doodle Variations      
6028 Vess Ossman Sounds from Africa      
6029 Vess Ossman Leisure Moments      
6030 Vess Ossman White Rats      
6031 Vess Ossman Coon, Coon, Coon      
6032 Vess Ossman Cocoanut Dance      
6034 Vess Ossman Ragtime Skedaddle      
6035 Vess Ossman Hot Corn Jubilee      
6036 Vess Ossman Handicap March      
6037 Vess Ossman Waltz Bleu      
6038 Vess Ossman Spanish Dances      
8000 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Ballet Music from Faust No. 2     Gounod
8001 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Serenade     Moszkowski
8002 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Kamennoi Ostrow      
8003 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Meistersinger Overture     Wagner
8004 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Rienzi Overture      
8005 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Ballet Music from Faust No. 1     Gounod
8006 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Liebestode (Tristan and Isolde)     Wagner
8007 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Hungarian Phapsodie No. 3     Liszt
8009 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Magic Fire Scene from Walkure      
8010 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Sailors' Chorus from Flying Dutchman      
8011 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Brahms' Hungarian Dances, No. 1     Brahms
8012 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Hunting Horns (Tannhauser)     Wagner
8013 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Largo     Handel
8014 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Wedding Procession     Rubenstein
8015 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Brahms' Hungarian Dances, No. 2     Brahms
8016 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Procession of Bacchus, from Sylvia      
8017 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Lohengrin, Introduction to 3rd Act     Wagner
8018 Metropolitan Opera House Orch. Traumerie      
9000 Mezz. (piccolo) Sleighride      
9001 Mezz. (piccolo) I'll Follow Thee      
9002 Mezz. (piccolo) The Nightingale and the Frog      
9003 Mezz. (piccolo) The Troubadour      

NOTE: This listing is created for research and educational purposes only. I only own a small proportion of the phonograph records listed, and those I own are NOT FOR SALE. I also have no particular insight as to how to acquire them. With the information you have found here, search eBay, gemm.com, or post a question to 78-C. Otherwise, you'll need to spend hours over a period of time searching junk stores, garage sales, record auctions (both mail and internet), and anyplace else that may have 78rpm discs for sale.

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